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The Alberta Kodály Association is a non-profit, charitable organization for music educators inspired by the work of Hungarian composer, ethnomusicologist, and music educator, Zoltán Kodály. Our work is to promote Kodály’s vision of music education for all people. We seek to provide resources and teacher education that advance this vision, and strive to create the space for dialogue regarding the value of music education throughout Alberta. As an organization, we stand for and work towards meaningful music education for all.

The AKA offers professional development and engagement with the local music education community through:

-participation as a conference partner with Music Conference Alberta

-workshops in our annual "Singposium" event,

-support of annual Kodály levels courses at the UofA

-scholarships for study in accredited Kodály courses

-our annual publication, "Ephatha"

-casual gatherings to share ideas and engage in music making

The AKA is one of four branches across Canada under the Kodály Society of Canada. You can find us at our website, on Facebook, and Instagram.